Episode 10

Published on:

7th Dec 2020

Jon-Erik Jardine: In a Collective World Between Worlds

Episode 10

Jon-Erik Jardine lives in Washington and is a running and the author of Return to Po. He is an avid environmentalist, landscaper, and likes to challenge his own world perspectives. We chatted with JE about the following topics:

  1. Why did you list running as one of your favorite topics to talk about?
  2. What is your background with running?
  3. What is the connection you see with running and the earth? And how do you think people can better connect with the earth? 
  4. How did you connect with Hawaiian culture??
  5. Can you tell a little more about the Northwestern Hawaiian islands? 
  6. Were you able to run there? 
  7. What are ways we can better protect or honor our natural environment?
  8. How does running help you to write or does it?
  9. Why did you want to write a book? What has the process of writing Return to Po been like?
  10. Do you feel that running helped you cope with loss? 
  11. Do you think you’ll go back to education or pursue education of people in a different format? 
  12. How does movement alter the educational process? 

Fun Qs 

  1. Who would you run with if you could meet anyone dead or alive? 
  2. If you could adventure anywhere, where would it be? 

JE’s book will be available on Dec 9th on amazon and at his website:


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